Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Possible Issues that are Important

One of the top ideas for an issue to discuss deals with war. Particularly in respect to the effect war has had on the development of society in the past, how it effects us today, and how it may effect the future. A question to ask to help with this issue may be, how has our current society been effected by the wars of the last 50 years? With this train of thought I would want to focus a lot on  how the people have been effected from war and how those people inherently effect the war itself.

Another issue that I might like to discuss is how tactics in war have changed. This may just be a spin off of the previous topic but this focus would look more on the evolution of military tactics. Starting from as far back as Egyptian tactics all the way to today's war tactics. Part of this would include reason why men continue to become soldiers and how it has changed from a class standing to a professional occupation. Obviously both are pretty linear in regards to war but it is something I feel strongly about and can discuss in depth.


  1. I really think that war does make a huge difference on the society that we live in. It really effects our past, present, and future. This should be a great topic.

  2. war is ONE of the big reasons we're in a recession.. so I think that's going to be pretty easy to prove. . .

  3. In regards to war, there are a lot of different angles from which you can approach this subject. What are your thoughts on how to narrow it down a little bit more?
    Also, not trying to be argumentative, Kelsey, but war, in and of itself, has nothing to do with the recession. If you'll recall, it was war that eventually got us out of the Great Depression. Rather, it is fiscal irresponsibility at the highest levels of government, at state and local levels, and within the homes of America that has led, and continues to keep us in this recession.