Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A piece of my analysis.

From the post, it is feasible to determine that Maj. Pain (for lack of a name his blog ID will suffice) feels quite passionately about the topic of overcoming mistakes and turning them into advantages. In his own words he uses the analogy of getting back on the horse after we have fallen off. He uses this analogy to express the importance of not giving up when we fail and that it is important to keep trying and improving from our failures. If you aren’t familiar with this analogy, imagine a cowboy who just gets a new horse that is untrained for riding. Naturally the horse will buck under the strange rider and may at times through the cowboy from the saddle, but the cowboy must get back up on the horse if he wants to train him for riding. No matter how many times the cowboy is thrown he must get back up, like in life, and continue to work towards completing the goal. This analogy, in itself, is a very effective tool that Maj. Pain uses because the analogy is referred to on a wide spread bases and is easy to associate with. While not everyone will have experienced the exact sensation of being thrown off a horse and then getting back up to ride the animal again, the commonality of the expression and the simplicity of visualizing such an event make the analogy an effective tool to explain his point about not letting failures keep us down.

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