Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thesis for issues

War is a recurring event in humanities history. Since the time when man first began to record the events of life, war was among the most repeated occurrences of men. Just as the manner in which war is made has evolved and changed with time, so too has human perspective on war evolved and changed with each passing conflict. Where once war was accepted as a means to grow and expand a societies culture, now war is the act of criminals to enforce personal rule over another. But has war really changed all that much? Wasn't the purpose for war once an act to prove an individual's honor, or is that the notions of an unintellectual brute? In our day and age we still have wars and violent conflict, despite our more civilized societies, and I will endeavor to reason out the qualities of war that has formed humanity into what it is today. I will show you how the violence of war has shaped our civilizations into what we are as humans.